The Best Coffee Spots in the Bay

By Samantha Krimotat

It is a widely known fact that Sydneysiders are the worlds’ biggest consumers of coffee per square meter in the world, beating out even Italy or America! Given these statistics, it is only logical that Sydney would have the best coffee in the world (in order to satisfy this insatiable demand). In no particular order here are our picks of the best coffee spots in the East:

1. CalipressA local hangout in Double Bay, Offering 100% raw, organic cold pressed juices, superfood smoothies and wholefoods, along with AllPress Espresso coffee. With a focus on health, the coffee is a perfect blend of sustainable and deliciouse! Our favourite is the orginial Acai Bowl, filled with acai goodness and deliciouc organic fruit.

2La Piadina:Driven by the Zizioli’s brothers. Damiano, Fausto and Mauro (D.F.M.). Fresh Italian ingredients get mixed with care and mastery -Tasty dark Italian coffee is their specialty. The must try – the number 4 Piadiana, filled with Italian Bresaola and mozzarella is a slice straight out of Italy. Belissimo.

3. Little Jeans (Double Bay): One of Double Bay new kids on the blocks this little place has an ethos of using local Products which support passionate producers and suppliers who use ethical and sustainable practices. Culminating in beautiful food and equally beautiful coffee. With Grilled Flat iron steak with smoked black garlic butter as a headliner you know the rest of the menu is just as good.

4. Bake Bar Double Bay : Little Jeans neighbour, an artisinal bakery with deliciouse coffee to match. The lamb Harissa sausage roll with sauce and an ice coffee, is the perfect morning treat.

5. Indigo Double Bay: One of the trendiest spots in the bay and defnitely the place to be seen on weekends. Indigo boasts beautiful fresh local food with a natural and healthy spin.  You can’t go home without trying the breakfast bruschetta – healthy, wholesome and absolutely yummy!

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