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Point Piper

Point Piper is rife with high-end, extreme luxury homes. If this is the lifestyle you’re after, you can’t pass up on this opportunity.

The name Point Piper is synonymous with luxury. As a constant fixture atop the lists of the highest-priced properties in Australia, it is an area that truly gives you the heightened mode of living that you deserve. To rent property in Point Piper is to gain access to some of the most dazzling pieces of real estate in the country, with a wonderful combination of privacy, space and location. But there’s much more to this suburb than the price tag.

Set sail in the eastern suburbs

When you rent property in eastern suburbs like Point Piper, you don’t just get excellent real estate – you get the ocean. With such proximity to the beautiful Sydney waters, you can take full advantage of what the suburb has to offer in aquatic activity. For those who engage our eastern suburbs property management team for Point Piper property, this means yachting, swimming and all manner of beachfront activity will be close to home.

The Royal Motor Yacht Club of New South Wales and the Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club are two prestigious centres for getting out on the water and meeting like-minded people, attracting visitors from far and wide. It’s the ultimate leisure activity.

A secluded haven

When you look at the statistics from the 2011 Census for property in Point Piper, you can see a veritable smorgasbord of people living here, enjoying the lifestyle they deserve. Ex-pats from New Zealand, England, South Africa and China are prevalent, while the demographics trend more towards people in their forties and fifties than areas further south in the eastern suburbs.

The data also shows that 51.9 percent of families in Point Piper are couples without children, while many people are also professionals.

There’s plenty of room

With 62.9 per cent of dwellings in Point Piper being units, apartments or flats, the suburb is hardly all large-scale mansions. Rather, it provides people who contact our property management team with a wide range of luxurious and private apartments that can sit right on the water, giving you a decadent lifestyle with the utmost privacy.

We think you deserve the absolute best out of your real estate, and when you rent property in Point Piper it’s exactly what you get. Contact our eastern suburbs property management team to find out more about specific properties here.