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Queens Park

If you want to rent property in eastern suburbs with endless green space, you should look at real estate in Queens Park.

When you want to rent property in the eastern suburbs with panoramic views of the city, acres of park space and beautiful homes to boot, you should be looking at real estate in Queens Park. This is an area befitting of those who want the best of both worlds: The calm lifestyle that comes with living on the edge of beautiful acreage balanced with proximity to shopping centres and the vibrant city centre.

A park for the ages

Queens Park is both suburb and green space. The park itself was established in 1888, and encompasses some 26 hectares of Moreton Bay figs, Monterey pines, Holm oaks and more. In fact, it is rumoured that the three largest fig trees actually date back to before the park’s opening.

This lends itself to a sense of prestige that you can be a part of when you rent property in eastern suburbs like Queens Park. There is much to do, much to see and a deep history to take in.

A family affair

According to 2011 Census data, there are significantly more people aged between 30 and 44 living in real estate in Queens Park than there are statewide. Coupled with the higher-than-average percentage of very young children, you have an illustration of the family-friendly atmosphere that Queens Park excels in.

Waverley College and St Catherine’s School offer two excellent educational opportunities for young ones, while the suburb’s proximity to Bondi Junction means nobody ever goes without the potential for exciting activities and shopping opportunities.

Links to the past and the future

As well as a prestigious and beautiful park space, real estate in Queens Park houses a number of forward-thinking professionals, with a propensity towards public transport. Accounting, finance and legal professions dominate the local workforce, while nearly three times as many people take the train to work as the statewide average.

This suggests those who live in rental property in Queens Park have an eye on transport efficiency, as well as high-class living. Real estate in Queens Park is fairly evenly split between flats, semi-detached homes and standalone dwellings, offering you a wide range of highly sought-after lifestyles.

Nearly a third of residents earn more than $3,000 per week, which gives you an idea of the high-end lifestyle that people seek when they want rental property in Queens Park. With such a fulfilling combination of education, wide open green space and fantastic public infrastructure, it is no wonder so many people are interested. To find out more, get in touch with Ray White Double Bay.