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5 Tips for maximising your small apartment

By Danielle Banton

The term dynamite comes in small packages certainly rings true when we we look at what interior designers can do with small apartments, take this chic apartment situated at the waters edge on New South Head Road, Rose Bay, it is a fresh vision of urban glamour utilising its small space, with a New York inspired design aesthetic. Due to the high demand in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, small apartments are becoming increasingly popular. Here are some professioinal tips on how to create the illusion of space, taking inspiration from this New South Head Road apartment:

  1. Furniture Size: A small room does not need to house only small furniture. People tend to avoid larger furniture, fearing it will overcrowd the room. In fact a large sofa or bed for example can often increase the percieved volume in a room.
  2. Combine like objects and organise them: Optimise your storage and find attractive solutions.
  3. Use mirrors and glass to create refelections and bounce the light: Making a smaller space appear grand requires maximising your available light. For example mirror doors and a glass coffee table.
  4. Ensure that window coverings don’t cut off the light when they are open: Open curtains should fall beside the windows and not obscure the light.
  5. Think vertically: If its hanging shelves or placing furniture, utilise all avalaible vertical space, drawing the eye upwards creates a sense of space.

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