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Changing People’s Lives

By Danielle Banton

This year it will be 45 years in the real estate business for me.

I have seen ups and downs and sometimes it has been a real rollercoaster. But overall it is a cycle that repeats itself. Prices have never climbed infinitely nor declined infinitely and a softer period always followed a so called booming market. So instead of focusing purely on the real estate market, I thought in today’s newsletter I might share with you some business and life experiences and give you an insight into what makes our business so exciting, rewarding and different.

45 Years of Building Relationships

After 45 years in the industry I have understood that fulfilment doesn’t necessarily come from the highest possible sales price – though it does give you a kick! More often it comes from building relationships with your buyers and sellers and I can say that I have not only met many wonderful and interesting customers over the years, with many returning for multiple sales, but have also made trusted friends over time.

All this came to me when I sat down with a cup of tea the other day and spent some time reflecting the standout events in my career and what the special things were that made a difference for me. And whilst I dwelled on this for a little while, it dawned on me: Making people happy and changing their lives for the better really is the epitome of my career.

A Rollercoaster of Emotions

Every time I sit down with new clients or those getting ready to sell and seeking advice, there is a pattern. People are worried and unsure: Often they don’t know where they will go after the sale but need to move for certain reasons. Some don’t want people to know about them selling, others are worried what price their house will sell for.

All those fears and worries are normal and most people battle them.

Making people feel comfortable with the whole process of selling is therefore how I start the process. The process of easing people into selling their home is linked to a kind of patience which is unique to our profession. During the viewing and later updates we get to know our clients. We live through excitement and sometimes disappointment if an offer falls through somehow. Over the weeks we build this special relationship which culminates when we exchange the contract and get to put up the SOLD-sign. The shared feeling of success and somehow relief and happiness often creates a bond which I carry with me with pride and gratitude.

My team

I am compelled to share with you the atmosphere my star team has sustained in a very vibrant market. My Shining Star – Diane Wilson drives our sales and supports the team on so many levels, particularly using her buyer matching skills. Peter Leipnik noticeably put his head down, breaking new boundaries with leads and client servicing. All of his hard work at the end of last year is now is paying off. The engine driver and director of all events and activities, Olivia Ferrari, who has burned the midnight oil, making us all look good, ensures a seamless event for each and every client.

Numerous sales, hundreds of phone calls, emails and appointments have exceeded all expectations. Anyone considering whether to sell yet not driving their thoughts into action right now will definitely be disappointed when they become a statistic. Six properties sold after the first open in the last 10 days.

Watch this space for new listings and opportunities.

Changing Regulations around Swimming Pools

Just before I sign off today, a few brand new technical details that you should all know about: New swimming pool regulations are coming into effect at the end of April this year and this can and will change the selling process and timing of a sale.

All contracts of sale for houses with pools will need to contain a Compliance Certificate from the 29th of April onwards. Please be aware that this is different to the Pool Register Certificate and must be completed by a qualified pool certifier. We can help you with contacts and recommendations of suppliers.

Only owners of single properties have been given a minor concession as they may proceed to market their property with either a Certificate of Compliance, or a Certificate of Non-Compliance. The latter is basically a disclosure statement to the purchaser. What it does is transfer the liability to comply to the new owner. The new owner then needs to obtain certification for the pool within 90 days of settlement to avoid penalties. If you are such an owner, you must be prepared to settle for a lesser price if you can’t offer a Certificate of Compliance.

A Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate must be updated every 3 years but if the property has an Occupation Certificate issued within this time period, further pool certification is not required. It is then enough to include the Occupation Certificate in the contract of sale.

Lots of technical details, I know! But don’t feel intimidated by the new regulations: We have competent suppliers on hand to guide you through the process and make it as painless as possible.

Feel free to contact me and my team directly if you have any questions or need support and advice for your sale or purchase.

I am always looking forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,
Michael Finger
0425 233 488

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