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Go green and reap the benefits…

By Danielle Banton

People are making much ado about green homes, environmental impact, energy efficiency, passive building and the list goes on…

What we really want to know is how can going green help us? Here are 3 reasons to go green that will impact you and your children…

  1. Economic Benefits: Durable materials last a long time — not only are they sustainable, but they save the cost of replacement and regular maintenance. Check out your local government regulations; there are certain incentives, such as tax rebates, for living in a green home. Green homes provide long-term savings. Green homes utilize less energy, resulting in cheaper utility bills. Coupled with this benefit is the fact that your home value will be much higher! “Consumers are attracted to lower utility and maintenance costs, making green homes a more attractive purchase for prospective buyers” says Michael Krimotat Director at Ray White Double Bay
  2. Environmental Impacts: The natural environment is positively impacted. Using renewable and clean energy sources lessens our reliance on fossil fuels and other depleting sources. The construction process of a traditional home, emits much construction waste. Recyclability of materials therefore lessens negative emission on the environment.
  3. Health: Green homes take advantage of non-toxic materials. During construction, less toxic waste is emitted into the air. Over 90 percent of greenhouse gas emissions are derived from fossil fuel combustion! Such combustion produces other air pollutants as well. There are also purer ventilation systems in green homes — the air is cleaner. Instead of recycling stale indoor air, fresh outdoor air is continuously brought into the home, promoting a healthier indoor environment.

For more on green homes visit Australian Institute of Architects Environmental Design Guide for Australian Government Buildings, Consumer Guide and Technical Fact sheets.

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