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He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life –

By Kenn Leong

These are some of the famous words said by Muhammed Ali, one of the greatest risk takers of all-time. He proved himself to be the best boxer in the world at the 1960 Olympics and after winning the Heavyweight boxing title in 1965, his career took off like a rocket.

Ali practiced – he spent time preparing before he was noticed in the ring. He worked hard and was confident. He said he was great before he was and he proved this though and through with every fight he fought. Not only did he take risks in the boxing ring, but also he took risks in life and knew that he had to be tenacious in order for him to actually reap the rewards.

In property investment, it’s important to take risks too. Some of the biggest investors in property started out by taking a risk and trying to do something different or new. Take a look at the Eastern suburbs of Sydney… over time the market has seen tremendous but stable growth. And, we’re expecting even more growth in 2016.

According to recent forecasts from the National Australian Bank (NAB) it is suggested that “price surges are beginning to slow down.” However, prices in Sydney have not dropped by more than five percent in more than a decade, and it is highly unlikely they will do so anytime soon. The point is really that there is a lot of growth to the made in property investment in Sydney’s property market, but without taking a risk to invest, you’ll ever know what the rewards may be worth.

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