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The Sarah Bester Secret to Success

By Danielle Banton

How the number one general manager stays ahead of the curve.

most sought after agencies to work for in Sydney. But what does it actually take to work at a company like this? Late nights? Early mornings? Tons of paperwork? Well, yes. But there’s more to it than that. Sarah Bester, General Manager of Ray White Double Bay, gives us a tiny glimpse of what it means to run a number one real estate agency.

Understanding that this business is both process, and people orientated has been a major role player in helping Bester manage the office. “We have a great big structure, with lots of moving parts. All of which need to be constantly monitored,” said Bester. And well that’s really what her job is all about; ensuring that every aspect of the business from auctions and open houses to signatures in the right places. Not only this, but she also needs to keep people happy and satisfied at all times, people both in the business and those interacting with the business.

“Real estate is a business that never stops,” she continued, but that doesn’t prevent her from leaving the office at 5pm every day to pick up her little girl from after school care and spend time with her. The truth is it’s all about balance, and being thorough in everything she does, as seen by the way she has personal relationships with people both in and out of the office.

One of the most noteworthy things about Bester though, is her constant strive to do better by helping people along the way. Bester spends a lot time checking her emails and even does so every day before she goes to work. Twice. That way she’s on top of the ball from the moment she walks in. As well as this, she stated that the company receives tons of CV’s every week and that she likes to take the time to go through and reply to each one. “you never know what opportunities might present themselves along the track.” This just proves that Bester is not just a manager but also a leader in every sense of the word.

So what’s the secret? How does Bester manage an agency of 45 while still maintaining her family life? Well, it’s no secret really. Bester’s determined and that determination is seen in every aspect of both the business and her home life. It seems obvious that she filters from the top down, and instils these the same values she possesses to those who get the opportunity to work with her.

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