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Welcome to Ray White Double Bay Property Management

We value your interest in our properties and will endeavor to make the renting process as smooth as possible.
The Ray White Double Bay Property Management team is a dedicated leasing and property management business based in Double Bay.

Ray White Double Bay was founded over 27 years ago and is one of the most respected real estate agencies in Sydney, specialising in quality Eastern Suburbs property.

We adopt a realistic and honest approach to property management that differs from many of our competitors. Our business is focused on matching quality tenants with quality properties. We are dedicated to providing personal and professional service to property owners and tenants and are extremely proud of our enthusiasm and expertise.

Benefits of leasing through the Ray White Double Bay group include:

  • Allocation of an experienced Property Manager solely dedicated to enquiries you have in relation to your tenancy.
  • Your Property Manager is equipped with a direct email address, direct office line and / or voicemail facilities. Should your Property Manager be attending to another matter, simply leave a message for your call to be promptly returned.
  • Repair forms to forward to your Property Manager for prompt attention for all repairs.
  • After hours / emergency access to qualified tradespeople 24/7.
  • Monthly, fortnightly and weekly rent payment facilities including direct debit, internet and phone banking.
  • Email and text messaging of new vacancies to suit your requirements.
  • Strong Database

Why Rent With Us

When you want to rent property in Sydney’s top tier eastern suburbs, you deserve excellent service and a smooth rental process with open, honest communication. When you rent with Ray White Double Bay, that’s exactly what you will get.

We were founded more than 25 years ago and have established ourselves as a leading name for Eastern Suburbs property. Whether you want to rent a Potts Point luxury property or perhaps a beachfront unit in Bondi, we will make the process as easy as possible for you. Here’s how our experienced team will stand for you, when you take the plunge with Ray White Double Bay.

Direct and transparent contact

Too often, tenants find it difficult to deal with property managers who are hard to get in touch with, or don’t return calls. At Ray White Double Bay, we think you deserve better. Our experienced property managers are exclusively dedicated to your tenancy inquiries, and have a range of modes of communication. They will have a direct email line, as well as an office phone or voicemail function.

This allows you to leave a message with our team whenever you need, and in the unlikely event they are unavailable, our property managers will get back to you as soon as possible.

When you engage one of our managers, you can be sure you are getting an open line of communication for any tenancy issues you might have. It’s important that you’re able to rest easy knowing that when you rent property in the eastern suburbs with us, you’re getting the right care.

Fast fixes for you

Another problem that often strikes people who rent in Double Bay or the surrounding areas is slow response to maintenance calls. If something goes wrong with your rental, you deserve access to people who can fix it – especially in emergencies or times of need.

With Ray White Double Bay property management, we have a repair form system that ensures fast and efficient fixes for you. Send the form through to your property manager and we will use our wide database of experienced tradespeople to fix any problems with the home.

This is ideal if you have an emergency spill or power shortage that needs to be addressed quickly, and means you can easily keep the home in pristine shape.

Versatile services

Are you ready to rent in Paddington, or one of the high quality nearby areas that we cover? Don’t get stuck in a rent payment plan that doesn’t suit your situation! Often, renters can settle for a payment system that leaves them short at the wrong time, or an inconvenient method of payment is forced upon them.

At Ray White Double Bay, we know you deserve convenience, so that is exactly what we provide. You could make rent payments each week, fortnight or month, depending on what suits you best.

What’s more, if you want to rent another property, we can set up text or email alerts for your convenience.

When you decide it’s time to rent a property in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, we like to think we’re the only team who can truly give you the service you deserve. Working from a wide database of property, we’ll find you a fantastic home to rent, whether it’s Rose Bay or Rushcutters – and everywhere in between! Talk to us today to find your next dream rental property.

Open For Inspection

We at Ray White Double Bay have been around for more than 25 years, so have learned our way around every niche of the eastern suburbs. Our eastern suburbs property management team takes on rental properties in a manner that shows our honesty and integrity. This is what sets us apart, and also gives you the services you deserve. This applies to both sides of the coin – both owners and renters.

As someone who wishes to rent property in eastern suburbs, you will be in the market for a top quality property that is effectively managed by someone with experience. We think you deserve that, and it’s exactly what you get when you seek out a rental with Ray White Double Bay. This begins right from the moment you approach us to find a home, and includes one of the most important steps in your search – the open inspection.

Honest approach

With so many real estate interactions, people are given a view of a rental property through a rose-tinted lens that can obscure details – and we think you deserve better. Open inspections give you an honest and clear look at a property, and form an essential part of the process when you rent property in Rushcutters Bay, Rose Bay or the surrounding area.

These are exquisite homes that offer luxury you will not be able to find in many other parts of Sydney, if anywhere in the city, so an honest approach to the rental process is crucial. With security details, prices listed clearly and intimate details on furnishings, right down to the type of stone used on the counters, you get clarity in our inspection listings. And to get the full hands-on experience, our eastern suburbs property management team are available to organise a viewing.

Taking out the work for you

When you move rental properties, there can be some frustrating aspects, especially when it comes to the transfer of power, water and internet bills. However, when you use Ray White Double Bay to rent property in eastern suburbs, we handle that for you, at your request.

We can arrange reconnection, as well as some discounts on your insurance – that’s service you deserve. Ray White Connect and Ray White Insurance can contact you to organise what you need, and all you have to do is tick a box on your tenancy form.

Simple, efficient, and meaning you can head straight to the beach to relax – which is only minutes away from many properties here. Speaking of which…

Premium property, pristine placement

When you rent property in eastern suburbs, you aren’t just getting top-tier real estate with all the trimmings, you’re moving into an area that has some of the world’s best leisure areas, such as Bondi Beach. To experience this in full, booking an open inspection is the only way to go.

You can discover the views and features of our rental properties, and then try the local lifestyle yourself. It’s a quick and easy way to get a taste for the eastern suburbs way of living.

The decision to rent property in eastern suburbs is a smart one for anyone who wants the top level lifestyle without the immediate permanence of buying a property here. However, homes as beautiful as those on offer in this area are extremely desirable, and don’t last long.

If you want that top quality property you deserve, don’t hesitate to contact Ray White Double Bay today to discover your next open inspection opportunity.

Before you rent property in eastern suburbs, make sure to book an open inspection to get a feel for the wonderful lifestyle on offer.

Ray White Insurance

Contents Insurance for Tenants.

Tenants are responsible for insuring their own contents and valuable items.

Our policy offers one of the highest levels of cover available and includes additional benefits such as monthly repayments at no additional policy fee†. A policy can be tailored to suit your individual requirements as a tenant.

To obtain an obligation free quote, please phone Ray White Insurance on 1800 221 773.

† Premiums payable by installments may be subject to minor adjustments (upwards or downwards) due to rounding and financial institution transaction fees may apply.