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Why Sell with Ray White Double Bay Group?

Our aim is to exceed your expectations in the preparation and sale of your property. At Ray White Double Bay Group we understand the importance of selecting the right agent and knowing that you are with the best to get the desired result.

While the Ray White Double Bay Group has been established for many years and we have always understood that markets change and evolve and we have also evolved.

Today our business is structured so that we can work alongside our clients with different lifestyles and expectations. Our offices are ideally located so that we can tie into shifts in demographics and by covering varied lifestyle options we can match our clients needs (e.g Empty nester downsizing, professionals and families upsizing and first home buyers entering the market).

By operating as a regional team across the East and Inner City we can match supply (listed properties) and demand (buyers’ requirements) for varied housing options.

We listen to our clients so that we can give intelligent advice with a low stress, highly professional and innovative approach to selling your property. We understand the value of different markets, and we work as a team to deliver outstanding results through knowledge, experience, hard work and a personal focus on every appointment.

Our Benefits

Some of our Points of Difference & Benefits:

  • Local experience and knowledge developed over 27 years in the market
  • Ray White’s No. 1 International Office and part of Australasia’s Super Group – RAY WHITE
  • Founded in 1987 and still operated by the original principals
  • A full service agency comprising Residential Sales, Project Marketing, Property Management, Commercial, Prestige, Home Loans and Insurance
  • Annual Sales in excess of $500M and over $1.0B in properties under management
  • Award winning innovative marketing solutions which consistently target and attract the right buyer.
  • Multiple sales records in various locations across the Eastern Suburbs & Inner City
  • More than 25 specialist sales agents servicing the Eastern Suburbs, Inner City, Harbourside, Parkside and Beachside locations
  • Ray White consistently sell more auction properties and have a greater market share than any other agency in the East. *Source APM
  • Weekly team inspections of newly listed properties to cross match buyers from other agents in our team
  • Award winning in-house Auctioneer
  • One of the most searched agencies on and
  • Sneak Preview Club weekly email alert of the latest properties to market matched to our comprehensive buyer database which is sent prior to any print marketing
  • downloaded over the Internet providing buyers with a more comprehensive property inspection at any time
  • Street frontage electronic window displays of all Internet marketed properties catching the eyes of passing buyers
  • Weekly Sales Team training to ensure agents skills are matched to changing markets
  • Access to competitive home loans and insurance to add value to each sale transaction

The Sale Process

The Sale Process

A residential property cannot be advertised for sale until a Contract of Sale has been prepared.

The contract must contain a copy of the title documents, drainage diagram and the Zoning Certificate (s 149) issued by the local council. Property exclusions must also be included and a statement of the buyer’s cooling off rights must be attached. The draft contract must be available for inspection at the agent’s office. It is important that you consult your solicitor or conveyancer about preparing the contract to make sure that everything is in order.

There are two main ways of selling a residential property, by private treaty and by auction.

Private treaty

When you sell your home by private treaty, you set a price and the property is listed for sale at that price. In general, the price is negotiable with the seller often asking a higher amount than they expect to sell the property for, and the buyer making an initial offer much lower than the asking price.

The process of a sale by private treaty offers the following benefits:

  • A perception of greater control over the sale
  • The ability to extend the time for which your home is for sale indefinitely
  • Potential purchasers must make offers for your property ‘blind’, without knowing what other buyers think it is worth.

Selling privately is often just as tense as a public auction, and you will be faced with important decisions when you are presented with offers which are lower than your asking price.

There are risks with selling by private treaty which also should be considered:

  • If the price you set is too high, your property may not sell and you risk losing your buyers, thereby losing your competition which creates a better result. No interest often reflects to the buyers that something is wrong with the property.
  •  If the price you set is too low, you may miss out on maximising the selling price. You will receive many offers in the first week indicating that you may have priced it below the market.
  •  In many instances the buyers will always offer less than the asking price. If you wish to negotiate you must reduce your price or risk losing the sale thereby leaving you less room to maximise your result.
  •  You should also be aware that when a property is sold by private treaty, the buyer has a five day cooling-off period during which they may withdraw from the sale.


To sell through an auction process, the amount you want for the property is generally not revealed to potential buyers who are encouraged to attend the auction and bid for the property against other potential buyers.

Auctions have become an increasingly popular way to sell or buy residential property and over 90% of the properties we sell are auctioned, but before you decide to go down that path, do your homework and familiarise yourself with the process and what it involves. You should discuss the benefits and how auction works to your advantage with your agent.

Setting a reserve price

The reserve price is the lowest amount you are willing to accept for your property. Before bidding begins, advise your agent what you nominate as the reserve price. This is usually not told to the prospective buyers.

If the highest bid is below the reserve price, the property will be ‘passed in’. You will then either try and negotiate a price with interested bidders or put the property back on the market.

If the bidding continues beyond the reserve price, the property is sold at the fall of the auctioneer’s hammer.

Successful bids

The successful bidder must sign the sale contract and pay you a deposit on the spot (usually 10%). There is no cooling-off period for anyone who buys a property at auction. If the property is passed in at auction but contracts are exchanged on that same day, the cooling-off period still does not apply.

Contracts exchange

Exchanging sale contracts is the legal part of selling a home and happens regardless of whether you sell your property by private treaty or auction.

There will be two copies of the sale contract: one for you and one for the buyer. You each sign one copy before they are swapped or ‘exchanged’. This can be done by hand or post and is usually arranged by your solicitor, conveyancer or the agent. At the time of the exchange, the buyer will be required to pay a deposit, usually 10% of the purchase price unless otherwise agreed in writing by both vendor and prospective purchaser often facilitate through a solicitor.

The contract exchange is a critical point in the sale process:

  • The buyer or seller is not legally bound until signed copies of the contract are exchanged.
  • Buyers of residential property usually have a cooling off period of five working days following the exchange of contracts during which they can withdraw from the sale.
  • If the agent arranges exchange of contacts, the agent must give copies of the signed contract to each party or their solicitor or conveyancer within 2 business days.
  • The cooling off period can be waived, reduced or extended by negotiation.
  • There is no cooling off period for sellers. Once contracts have been exchanged, sellers are generally bound to complete the agreement.
  • There is no cooling off period when purchasing at auction.


Settlement is the conclusion of the sale transaction and usually takes place about six weeks after contracts are exchanged however is determined by what is agreed within the contract for sale that has been exchanged.

China Desk

In today’s market, achieving the highest possible price requires considering an Asia marketing strategy.

When you list your home with Ray White Double Bay, you access our full China Desk resources to:

  • Ensure your home is introduced to an international pool of buyers
  • Get advice on how to present your home to Chinese buyers
  • Support Chinese speaking clients throughout the purchasing process

This has already led to premium prices for properties in your area.

Could international buyers pay more for your property?  Ask us how today.

Click Here to visit the Ray White China website